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Willmotts Chartered Surveyors

Willmotts Chartered Surveyors

Willmotts Chartered Surveyors


"Working with Cambridge Aerial Works has been a pleasure; they are helpful and very responsive. The pictures provided are clear and the quality is excellent. Thank you for your assistance, I am sure we will be working with you more in the future"

Zoe Phipps

Property Manager

Commercial Surveyors Direct

Willmotts Chartered Surveyors

Willmotts Chartered Surveyors


“We have used Cambridge Aerial Works Ltd for a number of roof and high-level surveys for our clients, we have found him to be easy to work with and he produces excellent quality images for our reports.  He is able to organise visits to suit our clients without our direct involvement, which is beneficial to us.  The buildings he has surveyed for us include large commercial warehouses and distribution centres and smaller domestic properties with complex roof slopes.”

Julie White


Willmotts Chartered Surveyors



"Very impressed with these guys. Easy to deal with and once I’d explained what I wanted, they just got on with it with very little input required from me. They really know what they're doing. Very happy with the results!"

Micah Wilkinson

Marketing Manager 


Drones Document the Devastation in the Bahamas – Images and Video from Above

ABACO ISLANDS, BAHAMAS – As the death toll continues to climb in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian’s September 1 landfall on the Abaco Islands in The Bahamas, professional All Hazards and emergency management teams from the private and public sectors have come together to use aerial drones combined with cutting-edge rapid mapping technology to assess damage and offer situational awareness to local Bahamian government officials.

Drone Delivery: Google’s Project Wing Takes Off In Australia

From the distance comes a high-pitched whining. It sounds horrible, like a giant mosquito. Or maybe a herd of angry mice screaming in a wind tunnel. It is in fact a flying burrito. And it’s flying courtesy of Wing’s ambitious drone delivery program.

That’s right: Google/Alphabet’ Project Wing has been given the green light to turn its drone delivery trials in Canberra, Australia, into a fully-fledged service that’s open to the public.

Heathrow Drone Protest Underway, Air Traffic Unaffected

Last month we reported that a group of environmental activists in London were planning to exploit a safety loophole at Heathrow airport, grounding flights as part of a protest against the airport’s proposed expansion.

To do this, the intention was to fly multiple drones at head height but within the airport’s restricted airspace. This, the activists claimed, would require the airport to suspend flights, despite no direct threat to manned operations being present.

The protest began in the early hours of Friday morning. Between 50 to 200 people are intending to fly toy drones simultaneously across the next few days. The situation is still unfolding, but at the time of writing, there have been 3 attempted flights – at least one successful – and a total of 10 arrests so far.