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Willmotts Chartered Surveyors

"Working with Cambridge Aerial Works has been a pleasure; they are helpful and very responsive. The pictures provided are clear and the quality is excellent. Thank you for your assistance, I am sure we will be working with you more in the future"

Zoe Phipps

Property Manager

Street Child United Charity

"Cambridge Aerial Works were extremely helpful, very easy to work with and did a great job. They went out of their way to make sure we got the footage we needed - would 100% recommend them and use them in the future." 

David Lyons 

Marketing Manager


"Very impressed with these guys. Easy to deal with and once I’d explained what I wanted, they just got on with it with very little input required from me. They really know what they're doing. Very happy with the results!"

Micah Wilkinson

Marketing Manager 

Don’t Fly Blind: The Business of Air Traffic Awareness for Drones

UTM, air traffic awareness, remote ID and tracking, and collision avoidance are all hot topics in the drone industry.  As these frameworks and technologies develop, risks will decrease, regulations will ease, and the applications that commercial drones are regularly able to perform will expand dramatically.

Drone Delivery: Google’s Project Wing Takes Off In Australia

From the distance comes a high-pitched whining. It sounds horrible, like a giant mosquito. Or maybe a herd of angry mice screaming in a wind tunnel. It is in fact a flying burrito. And it’s flying courtesy of Wing’s ambitious drone delivery program.

That’s right: Google/Alphabet’ Project Wing has been given the green light to turn its drone delivery trials in Canberra, Australia, into a fully-fledged service that’s open to the public.

Commercial UAV Expo Europe: PwC Names 6 Trends in the Drone Industry

1) Telecom will be a major beneficiary of the drone industry.

2) Energy Grid Operators are Scaling Up Autonomous Detection of Failure Modes

3) Drones and photogrammetry are becoming standard tools in the mining industry.

4) UAV urban mobility pilots are spreading across Europe.

6) There is rapid growth in counter drone technology.